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Drone Applications

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How are drones used for different applications?


An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used to help optimize agriculture operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Growers are using drone imagery to monitor crop health, forecast yields, verify stand establishment, and run a myriad of other analytic reports, all at the click of a button. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. Using an agriculture drone and gathering information from it may prove useful in improving crop yields and farm efficiency.

Agricultural drones let farmers see their fields from the sky. This bird's-eye view can reveal many issues such as irrigation problems, soil variation, and pest and fungal infestations. Multispectral images show a near-infrared view as well as a visual spectrum view. The combination shows the farmer the differences between healthy and unhealthy plants, a difference not always clearly visible to the naked eye. Thus, these views can assist in assessing crop growth and production.

Additionally, the drone can survey the crops for the farmer periodically to their liking. Weekly, daily, or even hourly, pictures can show the changes in the crops over time, thus showing possible “trouble spots”. Having identified these trouble spots, the farmer can attempt to improve crop management and production.

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Antenna Testing

QuadSAT is a Denmark-based company that supplies airborne antenna testing solutions. QuadSAT’s system combines advanced drone technology with a custom RF pointing payload. As a compact system, it is transported directly to the antenna and flies in a pattern to simulate a satellite, resulting in a cost-effective, operationally flexible, cost and timesaving solution of testing antennas. 

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Avalanche Rescue Drone

Searching for avalanche victims is time critical, thermal cameras help identify the presence of a heat source. Rescue drones have a built-in loudspeaker to guide rescuers, to guide them safely to locate victims by GPS.

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Drones that exploit infrared, geo-locating and thermal sensors help map construction sites. Created 3D assist during the pre-construction phase, aid presentations to customers to allow them to appreciate site potential.

Drone technology can:

Reduce time and costs

Lower risks

Provide accurate data.

Monitor progress

Calculate inventory

Map the site and road infrastruture

Aid communications

Digitise Site.

Help technology adopters become more competitive.

Increase efficiency.

Counter-Drone Technology

Investors recently endorsed US Dedrone's Counter-Drone Technology product and business model to the tune of $12.1 million US, or £9.1M, in funding.

Case Study - 

Stopping Drone Contraband at Kentucky Department of Corrections, Kentucky Department of Corrections is getting ahead of drone threats, including contraband delivery and spying, with Dedrone technology. “The presence of a drone and any kind of disturbance resulting from that is a major threat not only to the safety of the staff that work in the facility but also to the offender population that live in the facility,” shares Coleman Morrell, a leader in the Emergency Management team at Kentucky DOC. 

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Drones delivering vaccines in Vanuatu

First drone delivery of vaccines on the island nation of Vanuatu UNICEF - Baby Joy has become the first person to receive a vaccination delivered by a commercial drone in Vanuatu.

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Drone Delivering Medicines in Brazil

Speedbird Aero has won regulatory approval in Brazil to operate two experimental drone delivery routes in Brazil, to deliver medicines to remote areas. With over 30 million people living in rural areas, drones are useful when ambulances are out of reach due to poor road conditions or remote areas. Or when blood and antidotes need to be delivered quickly.

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House Inspection

Skydio House Scan enables home insurance agents to automatically perform accurate inspection of residential homes safely and without the need to become expert drone pilots. With one tap of the pilot's screen, the drone will generate a coarse map of the rooftop, identify individual facets, and take overlapping photos from one meter away from the rooftop. The result is a 3D scan with full, high-resolution coverage. While great strides have been made in autonomous photogrammetry data capture by companies like DroneDeploy and Pix4D, HouseScan is a good reminder that nothing on Earth flies like a Skydio. 

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