Sunday, 13 December 2020

Real Estate Technology

 How Covid is changing real estate property sales

Covid lockdown restrictions have had a significant impact on property sales. Many people now seriously question the way they live. 

Value for Money

If you can work from home, why live near the city, if rural properties are more affordable? How many more square feet of living space do you get in the country compared to apartment living in the city?

Less Stress

Why put up with the stress of commuting when some travellers refuse to wear covid safe face masks? If more people could work at home in a stress free environment, surely this would be better for the planet? Less commuting generates less pollution and CO2, right?

Changing Trends

Estate agents have witnessed an overnight shift in property desirability. Apartments in cities close to train and underground stations may now be less popular that rural properties with broadband internet connection. 

Quality of Life

Rural locations can offer a safer and higher quality of life for families; inner city environments can suffer from more crime.

Viewing Property - Solutions during Covid

Covid lockdowns have made property viewings more difficult, but technology is at hand to help people communicate (Zoom) and view properties. Estate agents now use drone technology to market rural homes. 

Drone images and videos

Professional agents are likely to employ professional drone companies, due to the legal, licensing, equipment, post processing skills, training and insurance requirements. Drone videography is useful to show the extent of the grounds, and how a property sits within the neighbourhood and local environment, as the example below shows. To find a qualified drone pilot visit 


As lockdowns have deterred vendors and buyers from viewing homes, 3D virtual tour technology is now available to make viewing easier. 

Matterport technology allows prospective clients to see properties in 3D, so clients can stand out from the competition and provide an immersive experience that is not possible with photos or 360 tours. For more information, visit Matterport